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About The Health Minister

Meet Alex Kenchington, Health Minister for West London. He’s a CHEK and FMA-certified personal trainer, former boxer and knows all about the fundamentals of fitness. Based in leafy St. Margaret’s, Twickenham, Richmond. Alex has been maintaining the health of the local community for over nine years.

The Health Minister understands the problems that modern life can create. Everyday pressures can deprive us of sleep, cause us to pack on unwanted pounds, ruin our general fitness and even increase the chances of injury.

Demanding schedules can also make finding a joined-up solution for these problems, and putting them into practice, difficult.

And that’s where the Health Minister steps in. As his manifesto states:

By treating the body as an entire system and addressing the root cause of problems, we can coach the people of West London towards a complete resolution of their mental and physical challenges. Getting a true picture of each individual enables us to create a programme specific to the individual, keeping them in tip-top health for the long run.

Alex is qualified to help with a broad range of areas you might lack comfort in, including:


Recovery and prevention

Specific weaknesses

Physical or emotional

Fat Reduction,Fat,Lose,diet,Reduction Weight

Weight problems

Weight loss or weight gain

Stress or sleep issues

Reducing stress and / or improving sleep


Pre and post-natal fitness

Miscellaneous 36 final

Improving general health

Wellbeing for the body and mind

The health, body and mind of each person is looked at. Programmes are bespoke, integrated into your lifestyle and – most importantly – sustainable.

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