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When it comes to fitness, we need to start with asking some important questions and conducting a health analyser. Not like in a commercial gym class that doesn’t serve your specific needs.


The Health Minister will first look at your goals, whether that be weight loss or whatever else. But he’ll then find out why these are important to you.

Once these have been identified, Alex will seek to learn more about both your medical and personal history. Lifestyle, sleeping patterns, deficiencies and much more are included. He’ll then analyse your current state with organ and hormonal assessments, in addition to taking vital measurements and so on.




And once he’s built the full picture of you, the Health Minister gets to work with building your personalised programme!

What’s included in your assessment?:

You’ll receive a full analysis of both your mental and physical state, based on the world-renowned CHEK approach. The following areas will be covered:

Determining macronutrients, based on your body type
Identifying and addressing causes of stress
Analysing your sleep cycle
Looking at how and when you eat and what this means
Assessing your digestive system’s health
Analysing the state of your body’s six detox systems
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